An ideological foundation is needed to move forward

Abdur Rahman Khan

Individuals, societies, and states progress through conflict, conflict, and coordination.

Individuals, societies, and states progress through conflict, conflict, and coordination. Civilizations are built, civilizations are destroyed. Thinkers say, nothing is permanent. A person who is wealthy today may lose all his life’s achievements in the course of time.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman wrote, “Before the British rule, a businessman from Murshidabad used to have enough money to buy the city of London.” That Bangladesh is upset by the British rule-exploitation. Once the people of Bangladesh were invited to stay in America but they refused. And today! It is difficult for America to stay free from the ring.

The American expatriate life is like another name for the pride of the family.

The valor and traditions of Taxila, Nalanda, Vikramsila, Sompur Mahavihara have been lost from India. In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, our higher education institutions have not achieved the desired goal of producing world-class skilled and qualified students. The education system divided into three parts has not been able to create a single ideal.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, the Inquisition was formed to persecute thinking people, but Europe changed after the Renaissance. After the First and Second World Wars, there was a change in the mental world. Women are freed from the four walls. Feminists such as Simone de Beauvoir recognized women’s identity. Darkness hides behind the recognition of women.

Sometimes such news is published in the media. “Arbitration of matbars on the two wives of seven-married Rabijul.” “Unequal love – I wanted to finish you, you finished me.” Two news in the media on the same day. Due to a family quarrel, the wife has bitten off her husband’s tongue (Kal Kantha). The news is a fragmented picture of a fluid society, much more predictable. Many events remain behind the published news. Various equations are created from institutional education, family problems, social unrest. Some try to get out of these, many fall into the abyss, and some spread a kind of social ills by creating relationship after relationship just for dependency or for financial and social security. Crime arises out of illness. It is difficult to quantify the economic toll caused by the psychological and humanitarian problems caused by family turmoil.

For a healthy life, family, social, national and international tolerance is paramount. Individuals and social people cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment. A diseased mind creates another disease. Uncertain economic life is one of the causes of instability in the individual. In economic insecurity, sometimes the animal called human becomes a non-human animal. Building a healthy society by reducing people to the level of non-human animals is not only impossible but also unrealistic. Arms race, war, unplanned industrialization are driving the world towards destruction. Great powers are making the world unsafe to ensure security.

Individuals are not free from anything international, national, social, family, religious and cultural. Individuals are influenced by their surroundings. Environment Nature nurtures humans in its own environment. Succorists would say that people seek happiness. In a song by Runa Laila, ‘Sukh tui ki bhara khin ke khishta’,’ is what happiness really is? Here too the hedonists would say that happiness is what most people think is good. Individualists are reluctant to accept the judgment of the majority. They will say that the desire of the individual is greater. Desires of individuals are not separate from social norms, state, religious and socio-cultural norms. Those who think or do something separatist are labeled separatists. Isolationism can never lead to maximum happiness.

The conflict between traditional customs and fluid life, the individual’s life moves forward from the conflict, but many people are affected. To advance the society, it is necessary to move ahead with a certain ideal. Ideals are never static. Education system is one of the means of creating ideals. Media plays a leading role in this regard. In today’s world, people do not know what their true ideal is. What he should do, and what he should not do. As a result, the only goal of many people is to accumulate wealth by any means. Construction of resort after resort, house in Begum Para, second home—nothing remains. After this, is the desired happiness found? Or is happiness really fluid?

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