All-terrain vehicles were seized, and one juvenile and one adult in Witless Bay were charged with fleeing the police.

Sathia Kumar

Two quads are parked near a guard rail at the end of a residential street at night.

After running from the RCMP on April 2, 2023 in Witless Bay, one adult and one juvenile operating off-road vehicles now face criminal charges.

Three all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) were observed by RCMP patrolling Witless Bay Line in the early hours of Sunday. The three ATVs fled at a high speed when police emergency lights were turned on to conduct a traffic stop. The officers did not pursue the vehicles in the interest of public safety.

At the intersection of Witless Bay Line and Route 10, additional officers parked and waited for the ATVs. Two of the three ATVs reached the intersection, but they didn’t stop at the stop sign, so they kept running away from the police. Their last sighting was as they turned onto Deans’ Road. The ATVs were observed parked by a guard rail at the end of Dean’s Road by police during a patrol. The two operators were taken to the RCMP Bay Bulls Community Office after being taken into custody for fleeing the police. They have been released from custody and will appear in court at a later time to answer charges of fleeing the police and tickets for violating the Off-Road Vehicles Act. The ATVs were taken and towed away. The third ATV administrator was not found.

The investigation is still underway.

It is against the Off-Road Vehicles Act and Regulations of the provincial government to drive an off-road vehicle on a public road, and doing so will result in a summary offense ticket for a $325 fine. Operators who fail to stop for the police put themselves and other people in unnecessary danger and commit a criminal offense known as “Flight from Police,” which can lead to a criminal record.

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