Air Hostess went to Canada without a passport, had to pay a fine

Afroza Hossain

Air hostess is one of the most essential workers in the flight for traveling by air.

Air hostess is one of the most essential workers in the flight for traveling by air. They are also known as cabin crew or flight attendants. They also travel with passengers to provide services by air.

And for this work they have to keep passport with them. But recently an airman flew to Canada with passengers without a passport. Canadian authorities fined him as punishment for this rare incident.

The accused airman is an employee of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and he went to Toronto from Islamabad on a PIA flight. This information was reported by Pakistani media Geo News in a report on Sunday (March 18).

According to reports, in a rare incident, an air hostess working for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) traveled to Toronto from Islamabad without her passport last Friday (March 15). He was fined in this incident. This incident came to light on Sunday.

According to a source associated with the national airline of Pakistan, the flight attendant forgot to take her passport to travel on flight PK-781 from Islamabad to Toronto and had to board the plane through a general declaration document.

As a result, the Canadian authorities fined him US$200 for negligence and arriving in Toronto without a passport.

According to Geo News, PIA has confirmed this incident of traveling to Canada without a passport and fining the air hostess. A spokesman for Pakistan’s national carrier, who asked not to be identified, said the flight attendant had left his passport at the Karachi airport.

He, however, denied reports of the accused air hostess’s stay in Canada and political asylum, saying she was returning to Pakistan on the return PK-782 flight.

It may be noted that this incident has raised concern due to several incidents of disappearance of PIA flight attendants seeking to immigrate to Canada. Sources said that more than 10 PIA flight attendants went into hiding after landing in Canada.

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