Actress Aindrila Sharma passes away

Bengali actor Aindrila Sharma, 24, who defeated cancer twice, passed away on Sunday. She was admitted to a hospital in Howrah, West Bengal after suffering a brain stroke on November 1.

After 20 days in the hospital, Sharma finally breathed her last on Sunday at 12:59 am. She suffered multiple heart attacks on Saturday night.

Diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2015, she underwent chemotherapy in Delhi and returned home after defeating the disease in 2016. Sharma was again diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her right lung in 2021. She was recently declared cancer-free and made her acting comeback.

She suffered multiple cardiac arrests in the hospital on November 14, too, and was put on ventilator support.

Aindrila Sharma was a part of several Bengali television shows like Jiyon Kathi, Jiban Jyoti, and Mahapeeth Tarapeeth. The actor was dating actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury. He was a constant source of strength for Sharma besides her family members.

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