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About 100,000 immigrants leaving Canada every year

Abdur Rahman Khan

A large number of people are leaving ‘Dream Country’ Canada.

A large number of people are leaving ‘Dream Country’ Canada. After immigrating, they are enthusiastic to leave Canada due to many adverse conditions and conditions.

As a Canadian government immigrant organization, 92,000 people left Canada in 2022. The following year, the number exceeded 94,000 in 2023. And it’s expected to exceed one million this year. Earlier, 64 and 66,000 people left Canada in 2021 and 22. And in 2019, that number was 77,751.

In 2023, a maximum of 42,454 people from Ontario province, 18,553 from British Colombia, 13,818 from Quebec and 12,650 from Alberta.

In the coming years of Canada, immigrants think of leaving the country in largely due to unemployment and expectations. And even if they get work, they have no choice because salary or income is not compatible with the expenses of living in Canada. Besides, boys and girls studying in universities here also got good salary offers in the United States and Europe after their education.

As an organization called Urban Living Institute in Canada, a middle-class man’s monthly living expense is $4,950. It’s much more for new commers in Canada.

The house price has increased almost twice in the last two years. The house that was worth four million years ago in Toronto, now between seven and a half million and eight million Canadian dollars (1 Canadian Dollar = 85.81). Besides, the number of immigrant coming, the number of homes are not available. In the house where there were 4/5 families, there are now 8/9 families.

The number of homeless people in Canada is also increasing rapidly. Although the correct statistics are not found, the huge giant of homeless people in Toronto’s down town tells how scary it is.

Moreover, people from hot countries cannot tolerate the cold. The temperature here sometimes falls like minus 30 degrees Celsius.

There is also no doctor’s appointment in physical problems or illness. Because migrants are not allowed to see doctors in common illness. It’s often two months to get the serial.

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