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41 Canadian diplomats ordered to leave India

Taslima Jamal

Currently 62 Canadian diplomats are in India.

At least 41 Canadian diplomats have been ordered to leave India due to the controversy over the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh. Financial Times reported that New Delhi has informed Ottawa about this decision. They have to leave India before October 10.

Diplomats who have been ordered to leave India will have their diplomatic privileges revoked if they remain in India after October 10, the Financial Times said on Tuesday, citing a person with knowledge of India’s decision.

Currently 62 Canadian diplomats are in India. 41 of them will have to go back to the country. An official statement will be made by Delhi soon.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi did not confirm or deny such media reports. However, he said, compared to the number of Indian diplomats in Canada, the number of Canadian diplomats in New Delhi is much higher. So equality should be kept between the two countries.

Pro-Khalistan Sikh leader Hardeep Singh was killed in Canada on June 18. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly blamed the Indian government for the incident. Since then, there has been tension between the two countries. At that time, measures were taken by both countries.

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