12 people died in Chennai due to Migjaum

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Severe Cyclone Migjaum is moving over west-central Bay of Bengal adjacent to South Andhra Pradesh.

Severe Cyclone Migjaum is raging in southern India. Now the cyclone has hit Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh. Besides, heavy rains have started in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. So far 12 people have died in Chennai in various accidents due to the impact of the cyclone.

Currently, this cyclone is located 70 km north-northeast of Nellore, 35 km east-northeast of Kabali, 90 km south-southwest of Bapatala, 150 km south-southwest of Machalipatnam, 230 km north of Chennai.

Severe Cyclone Migjaum is moving over west-central Bay of Bengal adjacent to South Andhra Pradesh. In the last 6 hours, this cyclone has moved northwards at a speed of 10 km from the north Tamil Nadu coast. In the previous 6 hours, the cyclone was moving at a speed of 7 kmph. The center of the cyclone was 25 km east-southeast of Ongole around 10:30 am.

Due to the impact of the cyclone, rain has already started in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry. A gust of wind is blowing. According to the Meteorological Office, Migzoum has increased the strength in the sea. A cyclone has turned into a severe cyclone. Due to this, heavy rains have started across the east coast of South India, according to meteorologists.

Heavy rains inundated Chennai under the influence of Migzoum. Many areas are now submerged due to heavy rains. The roads have practically turned into rivers due to heavy rainfall. Many vehicles were swept away by the water currents. Large trees, walls and electric poles have collapsed at various places. Healthcare services were temporarily suspended in several hospitals due to ingress of flood water.

Metro stations have also stopped working. Incessant rains have disrupted power and internet connectivity in several areas of Chennai. Large areas of the city are submerged in water. Many cars were swept away by the water.

Chennai airport was closed for several hours due to rain. At least 12 planes were diverted to Bengaluru due to adverse weather conditions. Four international flights have been cancelled.

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