1985 valid candidates for 300 seats in the national parliament elections of Bangladesh

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Election Commission Additional Secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath confirmed this information

Scrutiny of nomination papers for the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections has been completed. After verification, 1 thousand 985 applications were declared valid and 731 applications were declared invalid.

Election Commission Additional Secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath confirmed this information on Monday (December 4).

Earlier in the afternoon, the process of verifying the nomination papers was completed. Appeal applications will be accepted at Agargaon election building from Tuesday (December 5) morning. Election Commission (EC) Secretariat Law Branch Deputy Secretary. This information was informed in a circular signed by Abduch Salam.

According to the notification, according to the People’s Representation Order and Election Conduct Rules, any candidate or bank or financial institution aggrieved by the order of the Returning Officer against the cancellation and acceptance of nomination papers, within 5 days after the selection of nomination papers i.e. from December 5 to 9 between 10:30 AM and 4:00 PM. Can be filed with the commission in the form of memorandum (including 1 set of original appeal documents and 6 sets of shadow copies).

For this, 10 booths for 10 regions of the country have been set up in the election building. Appeal application should be submitted to 10 officers posted there. From 10th to 15th December, 100 appeals will be disposed of in sequence.

After hearing the appeal, the result will be displayed on the monitor. After the appeal, the PDF copy of the judgment and the decision of the appeal will be sent to the e-mail accounts of the concerned parties including the Returning Officer and will be published on the website of the Election Commission. Apart from this, the copy of the appeal judgment will be distributed through the responsible officer from the reception desk of the election hall as per the schedule. Copies of judgments will be distributed upon request (note, appeals denied on appeal will be served on a priority basis).

In this year’s 12th National Parliament election, 2,712 candidates from 29 parties and independents submitted their nomination papers. As per the schedule announced by the EC, the selection of nomination papers ended on December 4 at 4 PM. Appeals against the decision of the Returning Officer can be filed and disposed of in the Commission from 5 to 15 December, last date for withdrawal of candidature is 17 December. The returning officers will allot the symbols on December 18. The election campaign will continue till 8 am on January 5. Voting will be held on Sunday, January 7.

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