Yunus is the chairman of the advisory board of the Russian University

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Bangladesh’s Nobel laureate economist and professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

Bangladesh’s Nobel laureate economist and professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus. This public university located in the capital Moscow is one of the top 5 universities in Russia.

In a statement from the Yunus Center in Dhaka on Monday, it is said that Professor Yunus attended a high-level meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of the Financial University, Professor Stanislav Prokofiev, on November 23. It was in that meeting that he was offered the post of Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the University and Yunus accepted the offer.

The total number of teachers and researchers in Financial University is 3 thousand. Last year, on the invitation of this university, he gave a lecture on his social business in the auditorium of students and teachers.

In the November 23 meeting, the university’s vice-chancellor Professor Prokokiv said that Yunus’ theory of social business has received a lot of response from the university’s teachers and researchers, and it is mainly for this reason that the university administration has considered the position of president of the international advisory board.

The main task of this board will be to maintain regular contact with talented teachers and researchers from different countries outside Russia and to include them in the regular teaching and research activities of the university.

Also present at the November 23 meeting were University President Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Ekaterina Kameneva, Director of the Center for International Scientific and Educational Projects Prof. Kirill Babayev, Head of International Relations Department Lilia Prikhodko and Service for the Protection of Financials of the Central Bank of Russia. Head of Services to Consumers and Minority Shareholders, Mikhail Mamuta.

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