Study Warns of Canada’s Slow Economic Growth

Taslima Jamal

Study Warns of Canada’s Slow Economic Growth

The Fraser Institute’s study found that Canada’s GDP per person is growing at the slowest rate since the 1930s’ Great Depression.

Philip Cross, a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute and the author of “What is Behind Canada’s Growth Crisis?,” stated, “Canada is in a full-blown economic growth crisis, which is homegrown and due largely to poor government policy.”

Mr. Cross, previously a boss financial examiner for Measurements Canada, said from 2013 to 2022 for every individual Gross domestic product in Canada developed by only 0.8 percent subsequent to adapting to expansion. That may not amount to a whole lot to somebody who isn’t a financial specialist, he noted, however the impacts in reality can be significant.

“Gross domestic product is only an extravagant name for money,” Mr. Cross told The Age Times. ” Simply take a gander at the hopelessness that youngsters feel in this country about their future; about having a home at all. You’ll see the negative effects on people that a decade without economic growth has had.

And keeping in mind that nailing the fault to the pandemic, Mr. Cross said the numbers show it’s been a developing issue for quite a while might entice.

Take a look at business investment if you really want to know where the Canadian economy is headed. Over the past decade, we have seen a decline of more than 20%, whereas the United States has seen an increase of more than 20%. Take a look at exports—the most tangible indicator of our competitiveness—where, once more, we have fallen over the past decade while the United States has increased by more than 10%.

“What’s more, the way that we’re falling behind the U.S. shows it’s anything but a fatigue of mechanical potential outcomes, it’s not the maturing of the populace. It is very Canada-specific,” he continued.

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