Pakistan chases Afghan refugees as crime rises

Abdur Rahman Khan

Meanwhile, before entering Afghanistan, the migrants are living an inhumane life at the border.

Pakistan is deporting Afghan refugees for harming the security of the country due to the fact that the refugees are involved in various crimes without any documents. At least 271 suicide bombings and gun attacks took place in various parts of Pakistan from January to June. 389 people lost their lives and 656 others were injured in these attacks. 14 of these attacks have been attributed to Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. The government has ordered undocumented Afghan refugees to leave Pakistan.

Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti of the country’s interim caretaker government recently ordered undocumented Afghan refugees to leave Pakistan, setting a deadline. Otherwise, the administration threatened to detain them and release them at the border. Since then, Afghan refugees have been seen crowding the border to return home.

Meanwhile, before entering Afghanistan, the migrants are living an inhumane life at the border. The Taliban administration has arranged a temporary camp for them. However, they are passing the day in great difficulty due to shortage of food, water and shelter.

The victims say, “We cannot ask for any help from the Taliban because their own position is shaky.” International organizations should help us with food and shelter. There are many families here who have no houses, no land and nothing. They live under the open sky. We need help.’

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan said that more than 4 million Afghans live in that country together with immigrants and refugees. At least 1.7 million of them have no valid documents to reside in Pakistan. Many of these Afghans were born in Pakistan and have never been outside Pakistan.

However, it has been reported that the decision of anti-illegal immigration campaign was made due to the recent increase in terrorist activities in the country and the increasing involvement of Afghans in those crimes.

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