Pakistan canceled 77 flights due to lack of fuel

Logan D Suza

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has stopped fuel supply to PIA since October 19.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has canceled 77 flights due to lack of fuel. This information is known in a report of the country’s state media The Dawn on Monday (October 24).

According to the report, the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) Company has stopped fuel supply to PIA since October 19 last week due to non-payment of dues. As a result, PIA had to cancel 77 flights.

A PIA official said that 81 flights were waiting to take off from various airports in the country on Sunday; Out of which 52 were international and 29 were domestic.

A PIA spokesperson said that all but four international flights were canceled that day.

He also said, ‘Sunday only from Lahore to Toronto and Kuala Lumpur; Flights have taken off from Islamabad to Beijing and Istanbul.

Pakistan’s state-owned airline has been in dire financial straits for a long time. In such a situation, the revenue board seized all bank accounts of the company for non-payment of tax last July. As a result, the airline could no longer pay the PSO dues.

However, a PIA spokesperson told Geo News that they are looking into the matter. If the credit line is opened, the fuel supply will be operational today. Alternative flights are being arranged for passengers.

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