Canada can stand up to a Russian-led invasion

Syed Azam

France’s LGBTQ says Russia is helping to sow violence against gender and sexual minorities

France’s ambassador for LGBTQ+ rights says Russia is helping to sow violence against gender and sexual minorities. French speakers against a growing polarization

He said that countries should work together.

Jean-Marc Berthon said in an interview that LGBT issues are among the most controversial and combustible in international relations. He said this in an interview given in French during a recent visit to Canada.

About a year ago President Emmanuel Macron’s government appointed Berthon as ambassador to advance LGBTQ+ rights. He said that having an ambassador for LGBT people means that the measures in place in this regard are working.

Berthon suggests how the French Embassy can support local LGBTQ+ groups politically and economically. Foreign missions are helping him stay abreast of human rights progress and setbacks.

He said his office is working with bureaucrats in Paris to help at-risk LGBTQ+ workers get visas. So that they can reach France and seek asylum.

Similar systems exist in the United States, Britain, Italy and Argentina. The Liberal government is considering creating a similar position in Canada.

Each country’s organization working on behalf of LGBTQ+ people seeks to present a specific aspect of LGBTQ= on the world stage. Berthon aims to overturn the criminalization of homosexuality. That means convincing 65 countries to change, in countries where same-sex relationships are punishable by fines, corporal punishment, forced labor or the death penalty. As well as leading 60 other countries to change, where freedom of expression is limited. Along with this, the opportunities for gathering of gender and sexual minorities are also restricted.

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