Nepal wants to use the concept of Bangladesh’s community clinic

Taslima Jamal

Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Ambassador of the country HE Ghanshyam Bhandari asked Samant Lal Sen.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Ambassador of the country HE Ghanshyam Bhandari asked Samant Lal Sen.

Ambassador of Nepal HE Ghanshyam Bhandari paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Health at the Ministry of Health’s office on Tuesday (February 6). Second Secretary of Nepal Embassy MS Yajuna Bamjan was present with the ambassador.

During the meeting, the ambassador of the Nepalese government praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for various developmental activities in the health sector of Bangladesh, especially the 14,000 community clinics in Bangladesh.

In this regard, Health Minister Dr. assured the Nepalese ambassador of full cooperation from Bangladesh. Samant Lal Sen.

He said, “The idea of setting up a community clinic in Bangladesh and its expansion is all an initiative of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.” As a result of this visionary thinking of the Prime Minister, health care has now gone to the very marginal level of Bangladesh. About 78 member countries of the United Nations have accepted this idea of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 32 types of medicines are currently being given free from these clinics. We are also thinking of expanding the scope of services of these clinics in the future.

During the conversation, the health minister told the Nepalese ambassador that a Bhutanese patient named Karmadeba is currently being treated at Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute.

The health minister said, currently a patient from Bhutan is admitted to Sheikh Hasina National Burn Institute in Bangladesh for treatment. The treatment of that patient which was not possible in Bhutan is now being done in Bangladesh. Similarly, if any serious patient from Nepal comes to our country for treatment, we will also try to provide them with medical care.

During the conversation between the Ambassador of Nepal and the Minister of Health of Bangladesh, the ambassador of the country requested to give special opportunity to more number of students of Nepal to study in the medical colleges of Bangladesh. At the same time, Nepal-Bangladesh also talked about creating health tourism sector.

During the meeting, the two countries also discussed increasing vaccine access, enhancing primary health care, exchanging training of doctors and other health workers.

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