Foreigners cannot work in Bangladesh without permission: Chief Secretary

Abdur Rahman Khan

Foreign citizens will not have the opportunity to work in Bangladesh without permission

Foreign citizens will not have the opportunity to work in Bangladesh without permission, said the Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister. Tofazzal Hossain Mia.

He gave this information in a meeting held at the Bidder Conference Hall of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority of Agargaon on Tuesday (February 6).

In the meeting held on ‘Determining what to do about foreign workers/citizens staying in Bangladesh without work permit’, the chief secretary said, “Many foreign nationals are coming to work in Bangladesh on A-3 visa, B-visa or tourist visa by evading income tax. In many cases they come to work for one organization and move to another. As the visa policy made in 2006 does not have conditions for accepting work permit, many people leave the country without taking work permit or because the visa is not valid or even after it has expired, they work for years and pay a fine of only 30,000 taka.

He said, “In this case, we have decided to impose fines on daily and progressive rates. At the same time, subject to having a work permit, if foreign nationals want to join another institution, they can go to that institution by paying the prescribed fee, in that case, there will be no need to go to their own country and re-visa.

Tofazzal Hossain Mia said, “Many come on tourist or business visa and get 3 months for processing the documents and 3 months for approval. We have decided in today’s meeting to bring it within a month in both cases.

He said, ‘Foreign citizens can apply for visas from different countries to eliminate visa complications including work permits. Our ambassadors posted in different countries will send the visa application online to our special branch. The special branch will complete the verification within seven days.

The Chief Secretary of the Prime Minister also said, “We want to appeal to the domestic business organizations that the qualified manpower is in Bangladesh, not to bring foreign workers to replace them.”

He said, “In many cases, even after the expiration of the work permit, many foreign nationals are freely working in other organizations and getting involved in various criminal activities.”

BIDA Executive Chairman Lokman Hossain Miah gave a welcome speech on the occasion. He said, ‘As a result of foreign nationals working in the country without work permit, their earned money is going out of the country through hundi. As a result, our economy is gradually getting damaged. For the development of the country, foreign citizens should work in Bangladesh in accordance with the rules.

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