India’s first child to undergo liver transplant is a doctor himself today

Arafat Rahman

In reality, Sanjay Kandaswamy showed that. He is an established doctor today.

Nightmares and fairy tales are two brothers! At least in this ‘story’. 25 years ago today, when it was known that a 20-month-old baby had a big problem. Can’t be saved without liver transplant. At that time, the sky fell on the family’s head. Today, after 25 years, that child is a young man today. He became an established doctor. This incident in the life of Sanjay Kandaswamy, a resident of Tamil Nadu, can beat even a fairy tale.

The incident began in 1998. Baby Sanjay was admitted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi. He was suffering from a type of liver disease called biliary artesia since birth. The duct from the liver to the gallbladder was blocked due to this disease. The doctors informed that Sanjay cannot be saved if the liver is not transplanted.

Father came forward to save his son’s life, donated liver. Two centuries ago, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital completed the complex surgery, which was India’s first liver transplant in a child. After that little by little Sanjay recovered. After he grew up, he used to hear that story from his parents. He then decided that one day he would grow up to be just like those who saved his life.

In reality, Sanjay Kandaswamy showed that. He is an established doctor today. The doctors of that day were overwhelmed with emotions knowing that. Dr. one of them. Anupam Sibal. He said that it is possible to get a long and disease free life with liver transplant, Sanjay is an example.

And Sanjay said, when I saw the doctors up close, I decided to become a doctor when I grow up. I want to have some contribution in saving people’s lives. I also want to convey that, if there is a will, it is possible to overcome all obstacles in life.

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