India’s economy will be boosted by 38 lakh marriages

Abdur Rahman Khan

The festival season is over in India, now the wedding season begins.

The festival season is over in India, now the wedding season begins. The marriage season will last from November-December. A survey claims that there will be more than 38 lakh marriages in the country during this period. And it is estimated that five lakh crore rupees will be spent.

The number of marriages this year is significantly higher than last year. In 2022, the business value of 32 lakh marriages was estimated to be around Rs 4 lakh crore. This season’s weddings will begin on November 23, which will continue till December 15.

Due to the possibility of good business during the wedding season, businessmen from all over the country have already started preparing. They are taking various measures to handle the possible crowd of buyers.

During the wedding season, there is usually a demand for jewellery, sarees, lehengas, furniture, ready-made garments, clothes, shoes, wedding and greeting cards, sweets, fruits, puja items, groceries, food grains, decorative items, home decoration items, electrical items, various gift items etc. There are more

Apart from this, there is potential for big business in various services such as tent arrangement, flower arrangement, crockery, catering, travel services, cab services, welcoming professional team, photographers, videographers, orchestras, DJs, horses for processions, wagons.

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