India allowed onion export to Bangladesh

Manjit Sing

India allowed onion export to Bangladesh

New Delhi has allowed the export of onions to Bangladesh in limited quantities based on the recommendation of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Apart from Bangladesh, the country has decided to officially allow the export of onion to some other countries. This information was given in a report of the country’s English daily Economic Times on Monday.

An Indian official related to the issue of permission to export onions said that a limited quantity of onions has been allowed to be exported for bilateral purposes. However, New Delhi has not yet taken any decision on the complete withdrawal of the ban on onion exports.

Economic Times reported that the official could not provide any detailed information about the quantity of onions the country’s government has allowed to export.

Apart from Bangladesh, the other countries to which India has allowed onion export are Nepal, Bhutan, Bahrain and Mauritius.

Earlier, the government of Bangladesh formally wrote to the government of India to export certain quantities of onion and sugar during the holy month of Ramzan to control prices in the country’s market.

India is the second largest onion exporter in the world market. In December last year, the country’s government imposed a ban on onion exports to stabilize the local market. The country has extended the ban on onion exports till next March for the second phase to control rising prices and ensure adequate supply in the Indian market ahead of national elections.

The country’s government initially imposed a 40 percent tariff on onions to discourage exports. Still India banned the export of onion completely due to failure of expected results.

Earlier this month, a team of Indian government officials visited major onion-producing areas in the country’s western state of Maharashtra before recommending that the export ban be kept in place.

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