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Explosion on US-Canada bridge, 2 dead

Arafat Rahman

A car explosion occurred on the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ connecting the United States and Canada.

A car explosion occurred on the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ connecting the United States and Canada. Two people in the car were killed on the spot. One of them is the driver of the car and the other is a passenger. A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer suffered minor injuries in the crash.

The accident happened on the bridge connecting the US state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario near Niagara Falls on Wednesday local time. A total of four border crossings between the two countries and New York’s Buffalo International Airport were closed due to the accident. However, after being closed for a while, the other three border crossings, Leustin, Wearpool and Peace Bridge, were opened except for the Rainbow Bridge. Authorities have yet to reveal the identities of the two victims. However, CNN reported that the driver of the car was a 56-year-old man. who left with his wife to attend a concert. AP, Reuters.

Hours after the crash, authorities said no evidence of terrorism had been found. New York Governor Kathy Hokul told reporters on Wednesday evening that there was “no indication of a terrorist attack or threat to the public”. CBP released video of the accident on social media, captured by a security camera on the bridge. The video shows that the car was coming at a high speed from the direction of the United States. At one point it hit a part of the bridge. Immediately the car went up and hit the ground. There was an explosion immediately after that. However, it was not immediately known if there were any explosives in the vehicle.

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