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Canada offers citizenship to illegal immigrants

Taslima Jamal

North American country Canada gave good news for illegal immigrants.

North American country Canada gave good news for illegal immigrants. Immigration Minister Mark Miller said Ottawa plans to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants. He gave this information in an interview with the local media The Globe and Mail.

Mark Miller said that Canada plans to bring in five million immigrants every year until 2025; As part of that, illegal immigrants will be granted citizenship.

The immigration sector is very important to the Canadian economy. As the country’s economy has been boosted by large numbers of immigrants in the past few years, so has its population.

Canada’s immigration minister also told The Globe and Mail that there are currently between three and six million illegal immigrants in Canada. They are all at risk of deportation.

There will be some conditions for obtaining citizenship. Mainly those who came to Canada on temporary work and student visas; But they can get citizenship if they do not return to their country even after the visa expires.

However, the Immigration Minister said that all illegal immigrants will not be allowed to apply for citizenship. Those who have recently moved to Canada will not be eligible to apply for citizenship through this process.

Immigration Minister Mark Miller said he will present a proposal in this regard to the cabinet in the coming spring. Canada will allow about 500,000 immigrants to come to Canada annually for the next two years. Then this number will be increased.

Canada plans to bring in 465,000 immigrants this year. In 2024, this number will be 4 lakh 85 thousand. And in 2025, the country will take 5 lakh new immigrants.

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