Al-Quddus Mosque is being built in Gaza with the funding of Maldives

Manjit Sing

The construction of Masjid al-Quds is underway with the financing of Maldives in the town of Tufah, East Gaza, Palestine. Photo: Collected

The International Aid Campaign (IAC) told local media that 80 percent of the construction of the Al-Quddus Mosque in Gaza, Palestine, funded by the Maldives, has been completed. It is the first mosque to be built for persecuted Palestinians with the help of the Maldives Foundation.

The organization said that the concrete work of the Masjid al-Quddus under construction in the city of Tufah, East Gaza, Palestine, has been completed. However, the area has been declared dangerous due to continuous Israeli bombardment, but it has not been damaged so far.

The construction of Al-Quddus Mosque started last April and will have a capacity of 1,100 worshipers and will be built on three floors. The first floor is reserved for women and will accommodate 310 women worshippers.

On the other hand, arrangements will be made to accommodate 390 worshipers on the second floor and 400 male worshipers on the lowest floor. The mosque is being built by a contractor in Gaza and is expected to be completed by the end of this year despite tough challenges.

In addition, Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shaheed announced the donation of 2 million cans of tuna as a humanitarian donation for the persecuted Palestinians. He said this aid is a symbol of Maldives’ steadfast support and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Shahid also said that the government and people of Maldives will continue to unconditionally support the Palestinian people in their efforts to establish a separate state and ensure their rights.

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