A massive reshuffle in cabinet of Canada

Logan D Suza

Canada’s New Cabinet

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reshuffled the cabinet to provide relief to citizens suffering from unbridled prices of daily commodities, inflation and housing crisis. This was reported by the BBC media in a report.

According to the report, 38 members of the cabinet took oath in the country’s parliament last Wednesday (July 26). Out of these, only 8 ministers have retained their previous duties. All others have been changed.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been in power for eight consecutive years, said Canada is going through a difficult moment domestically and globally. These changes are made to better cope with the situation. He said that this step has been taken to give relief to the countrymen who are suffering from the unbridled prices of daily commodities, inflation and housing crisis.

In 2021, after two years of forming the government for the second time, Trudeau made a major reshuffle in the cabinet. Trudeau’s Liberal Party has been in power in Canada since November 2015.

Meanwhile, ahead of the election, Trudeau’s move has been called a failure of his government by the opposition.

Recently, according to a poll by the monitoring organization Abacus Data Poll, 38 percent of Canadians support the Conservative Party. On the other hand, 28% of people think the Liberals should stay in power. The Trudeau government has been reeling since its publication.

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