44 thousand dollar ticket sales of ‘Priyotoma’ in Canada-America in 3 days

Patrick D Costa

Even in Hollywood’s super peak movie season, Bangladeshi movie ‘Priyotoma’ is going to theaters in Canada and America for the second week. This was confirmed by Md Aliullah Sajeeb, president of international distributor Sapna Scarecrow.

In a notification, the president of the international distributor of the movie, Sapna Scarecrow, Md. Aliullah Sajib also said that Shakib Khan’s movie made 44 thousand dollars (gross) in the first weekend or three days of this full season of world cinema.

Md. Aliullah Sajib said, ‘Priyotoma’ got a chance to be released in 42 theaters in Canada and America on July 7 due to the peak summer season of Hollywood movies. The movie grossed $44,000 in its first 3 days, making it the fourth highest opening ever for a Bangladeshi film at the North American box office. New York’s Jamaica Multiplex has been forced to give up the biggest hall to Preetama due to the pressure of the audience. 7 shows in one day instead of 4.

The most talked about movie of Eid is playing in 151 theaters worldwide including Bangladesh, Canada and America in the second week.

The movie ‘Priyatma’ was directed by Himel Ashraf. Kolkata’s Idhika Pal has shared the screen with Shakib Khan.

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