3 step improvement of Bangladesh in global military power

Arafat Rahman

In this index of global fire power, Bangladesh ranks fourth among South Asian countries in terms of military power

Bangladesh ranks 37th out of 145 countries in the 2024 Military Power Index of Global Firepower (GFP), an international research institute based on military capabilities. In this index, compared to last year, Bangladesh has improved three steps. Bangladesh was ranked 40th in the 2023 GFP index. As always, the United States has been selected as the top military power in the GFP index.

According to the GFP website, this year’s index is based on more than 60 different criteria, including the latest available military equipment, defense budgets, troop numbers, and the military capabilities of 145 countries in the world. GFP said that the position of Bangladesh has been determined by assuming the military capability of Bangladesh as the basis of this index till January 5.

This index, published as ‘2024 Military Strength Ranking’, also determines the scores of countries in terms of military strength. It mentions Bangladesh’s military as the 37th in the world. Bangladesh scored zero decimal 5419 in military strength index. Last year this score of Bangladesh was zero decimal 5871.

According to Global Firepower, there are 163,000 active soldiers in the Bangladesh Army. The army has 320 tanks and 13 thousand 100 military vehicles. Besides, the army has 27 Self Propelled Artillery Guns (SPG), 71 Multiple Launch Rocket Projectors (MLRS). There are 25 thousand 100 active members in the Bangladesh Navy. And there are 17 thousand 400 active members of Bangladesh Air Force.

Meanwhile, the United States has retained the top spot in this index like last year. Russia has been selected as the second military power country in the GFP index. The country’s score is zero decimal 0702. Russia Against the backdrop of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine ranks 18th in the list of the world’s strongest militaries out of 145 countries.

And in this index of the top military power country, China is in the third place. China’s score is zero decimal 0706. Bangladesh’s neighbor India ranks fourth in this list of top military power countries; The country’s score is zero decimal 1023. South Korea is in fifth place with a score of 0.1416.

Besides, among the top 10 countries in the index, the UK is 6th (score 0.1443), Japan 7th (score 0.1601), Turkey 8th (score 0.1697), Pakistan 9th (score 0.1711) and Italy 10th (score 0.1863). is in place.

In this index of global firepower, Bangladesh ranks third among South Asian countries in terms of military power. India and Pakistan are ahead of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is followed by Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan. However, Bhutan’s position is at the very bottom in terms of global capabilities. The country is ranked 145th in this index with a score of 6.3704.

Another neighbor Myanmar is one step ahead of Bangladesh. The country is ranked 35th with a score of 0.5251. Iran ranks 14th, Israel 17th, Ukraine 18th, Germany 19th, Spain 20th, Poland 21st, Vietnam 22nd, Saudi Arabia 23rd, Taiwan 24th and North Korea 36th in this index of GFP.

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