21 eminent persons are getting Ekushey Padak

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21 eminent persons are getting Ekushey Padak

21 eminent citizens are getting Ekushey Padak this year (2024) for their contribution in various fields including vocalists Andrew Kishore and Subhradev, actress Dolly Zahoor, poet Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah.

The names of the nominees for the Ekushe Padak were announced in a press release from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs on Tuesday (February 13).

This time two people are getting Ekushey Medal in Language Movement, 12 in Art, one in Education, two in Social Service and 4 in Language and Literature.

Ekushey Padak was awarded posthumously in the language movement category. Ashrafuddin Ahmed and brave freedom fighter Hatem Ali Mia. 11 people in different categories of arts are – Jalal Uddin Khan (posthumous) in music, freedom fighter Kalyani Ghosh, Vidit Lal Das (posthumous), Andrew Kishore (posthumous) and Shubhra Dev. Dolly Johar and MA Alamgir in the performance, Khan Md. in the dress. Mustafa Waleed (Shimul Mustafa) and Rupa Chakraborty, Shibli Mohammad in dance and Shahjahan Ahmed Bikas in painting.

Kawsar Chowdhury in making and archiving documentary films about the liberation war, Md. in social service. Ziaul Haque and Alhaj Rafiq Ahmed and Professor Dr. Jinbodhi monk.

Apart from this, four people who received medals in language and literature are – Muhammad Samad, Lutfar Rahman Riton, Minar Mansoor and Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah (posthumous).

As per the policy, each selected person is given a one-time cash of Tk 4 lakh along with a gold medal weighing 35 grams, a replica and a certificate of appreciation. The second highest civilian honor of the state is ‘Ekushey Padak’. The Ekushey Padak, launched in memory of the martyrs of the language movement, is awarded by the government every year in recognition of special contributions in various fields.

Since 1976, the Ekushey Padak has been awarded to prominent writers, artists, educators, linguists, linguists, researchers, journalists, economists, contributors to poverty alleviation, social personalities and institutions at the national level in recognition of their unique contribution.

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