Updated voter list in Bangladesh will be released on January 21

Syed Azam

The draft list of the updated voter list will be released on January 21.

The draft list of the updated voter list will be released on January 21. The release of the list has been delayed due to the 12th parliamentary elections.

Senior Assistant Secretary of the Election Commission (EC) Election Support Branch. Nasir Uddin Chowdhury has already sent the instructions in this regard to the field officials.

It has been mentioned that, in the Electoral Roll Update-2022, information has been collected for door-to-door voter registration and those who have subsequently registered for office-based voter registration, including those born on or before January 1, 2006, for inclusion in the final voter list. The Election Commission has decided to publish the draft voter list on January 21.

However, those who are included in the final voter list prepared for the 12th National Assembly elections, their names will not be included in the draft voter list.

According to the EC directive, the draft list should be prepared and sent to the Registration Officer by January 15. The updated draft list will be released on January 21, last date for submission of objections is February 5, last date for disposal of objections is February 11, last date for inclusion in the decision list for disposal of objections is February 18. And the final voter list will be published on March 2.

Although the draft is released on January 2 every year, it was released on January 15 in 2019 with a slight delay due to the parliamentary elections. This time too it was delayed again for the same reason. The law provides for updating the electoral roll between January 2 and March 2 every year.

At present the number of voters in the country is 11 crore 96 lakh 91 thousand 633 people.

Among them 6 crore 7 lakh 71 thousand 579 male voters and 5 crore 89 lakh 19 thousand 202 female voters. And there are 852 Hijra voters.

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