Tourist helicopter crashes in Nepal, 6 killed

Sathia Kumar

Manang Air

A Nepalese tourist helicopter has crashed near Mount Everest in Likhu. 6 passengers were killed. The helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff, the country’s civil aviation authority said.

On Tuesday (July 11), the news agency AFP reported this information.

The private company ‘Manang Air’ helicopter was traveling from Lukla to the capital Kathmandu. About 10 minutes into the flight at 10:04 local time, all communications with the helicopter were lost.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal official Gyanendra Bhul told AFP that six bodies were found at the crash site. Among them are five Mexican nationals and one Nepalese pilot. A government committee will be formed to investigate the incident.

Manang Air spokesperson Raju Newpan said the helicopter took off in good weather. The weather was not bad at all. The helicopter was piloted by Captain Chet Bahadur Gurung. We can’t say right now why it crashed. The reason should be investigated.

Note that 72 passengers lost their lives in the worst plane crash in the recent history of Nepal 6 months ago.

This mountainous country has several complex runways in the remote areas, where it is very difficult to operate airplanes or helicopters. Even the best pilots struggle to conduct flights over mountain peaks and hostile weather.

Other problems in Nepal’s aviation sector include lack of pilot training and aircraft maintenance. The European Union has banned all Nepali airlines from operating flights to member countries citing lack of security.

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