Toronto’s Bengali Rockfest has touched the hearts of the community in Canada

Logan D Suza

Bangla Rockfest 2023 has been held in Toronto

Bangla Rockfest 2023 has been held in Toronto, Canada with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm and a bursting tide of youth. This event, organized with the participation of Bangladeshi band artists from Canada, has touched the hearts of all levels of the audience and has been praised as the best and most successful community event.

Bangladeshi Band Association of Canada and Maplehood Neighborcare Entertainment organized this exceptional event of Bangla band music last Saturday at ‘Toronto Pavilion’ at 190 Railside Road.
7 bands formed with Bangladeshi artists participated in this event. These are Crack Platoon, Iron Clef, Storm, Sector 2.0, Band Four, Mechanical and Human.

One of the attractions of this year’s rock fest was the debut of two new band groups. The festival started with these two groups.

Crack Platoon took the stage first with their debut performance. This band group of four family members enthralled the audience with their extraordinary performances. After this, another new band, Iron Claf, made their debut with a mind-blowing performance.

After that came the band groups one by one – Humans, Mechanics, Sector 2.0, Storm, and Band Four. The ‘Manush’ band performs some of their own original songs on soft rock fusion. After this, Mekanan came on stage with several popular songs. The audience sang along with them. Sector 2.0 performed several of their own songs which are truly commendable. Then the ‘storm’ really stormed the Toronto Pavilion. ‘Band Four’ enthralled the audience with all the popular songs. Finally, all the bands paid tribute to the late legend Ayub Bachchu and ended the program by singing the song ‘Sei Tumi’. This concert of about 6 hours was a gathering of Bangladeshi people in Toronto!
A large number of spectators thronged the venue since afternoon. Youngsters dance and sing till late night. The entire program was completed without any hitch due to the skillful management of the organizers. Along with the performance of the artistes, the skill of the management team of Bangla Rock Fest has also won the appreciation of the audience.

The organizers said, through Bangla Rockfest, our aim is to set an example by creating a bond of Bengali culture with the young generation of the diaspora. Our young generation still loves Bengali culture, loves Bangladesh. Just one step was needed.

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