These 5 tips will keep the spices fresh even in the rainy season

Logan D Suza


Be it garam masala or fennel, joan or panch fodan – spices are used in cooking to add flavor and aroma. And if that smell goes away? If spices are not kept properly in monsoons, their flavor can wane. If you buy many spices together, there is a risk of fungus falling during monsoon. When he needed spices to cook, he saw that the spices were completely gone. Almost everyone has to face such problems during monsoons. How to keep spice well in wet monsoon weather?

>> Never store spices in a loose container. Many times we keep spices in plastic containers. Air will not enter, if kept in such a container there will be no problem like spices getting damp or fungus falling in the spices. Close the lid of the pot quickly with required amount of spices during cooking.

>> After buying the whole masala from the market, stir it in a dry pan and fill it in the bowl. If this method is followed, the spices will be good for a long time and the taste will also increase in cooking.

>> Do not leave the spice rack in front of the window or directly in front of the gas in the kitchen. Mixture of heat and humidity spoils the spice. Store the spices in a cool place in the cupboard immediately after use.

>> During the rainy season, if a lot of powder is poured into the pot, it can be seen that insects have caught it. To solve this problem, leave a few cloves in the pot and then pour the spices. Turmeric with clove flavor will stay good for a long time.

>> Spices are best stored in wooden boxes. There is no risk of the spices getting lost in it. Do not use a wet spoon, it spoils both the aroma and taste of the spices.

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