The United Nations has clarified its position on the election of Bangladesh

Syed Azam

The United Nations has clarified its position on the upcoming 12th National Parliament election of Bangladesh. At a press conference on Monday (October 16), UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ spokesman Stephen Dujarric clarified the UN’s position when asked about the Bangladesh election.

Journalist Mushfiq Fazal Ansari asked a question that the European Union (EU) and the United States expressed dissatisfaction with the electoral environment of Bangladesh. The EU has already announced that it will not observe the upcoming elections in Bangladesh. The US pre-election observer group called for dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition. According to Voice of America reports, the current government is attacking the opposition in every way.

We know the position of the United States, we know the position of the European Union. Ansari wants to know the latest position of the United Nations on the issue of Bangladesh in this oppressive system.

In response, Stephen Dujarric said, the United Nations has not changed its position on the issue of elections in Bangladesh. We want to see a free and fair election in Bangladesh. At the same time, I want to see an environment where people can speak out for whatever they want without fear of reprisal. Apart from this, the UN will not observe the election until it gets a mandate.

Earlier, the United States clarified its position on the Bangladesh elections. On October 2, the country’s State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the United States does not support any particular party in Bangladesh and does not want to influence the election results.

He said, the United States wants what the Bangladeshis themselves want: free and fair elections that will be held peacefully. Bangladesh’s government, political parties, civil society and the media have all expressed their desire that the upcoming national elections be free, fair and peaceful – just as we want them to be.

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