“The country is keeping pace with the world by facing various challenges”

Patrick D Costa

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘The country has now gained the ability to keep pace with the world by facing various challenges. People are seeing the results now. The people of the country can now walk with their heads held high wherever they go in the world.

She said this at the signing of the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) for the financial year 2023-24 and the presentation of the APA Integrity Award at the Prime Minister’s Office on 19th July.

The Prime Minister said that the government is working on the goal of how fast Bangladesh can be developed. I think Bangladesh is now well qualified to keep pace with the world. This has been possible because we have worked with a well-planned plan.

“We have to move forward,” he said. The implementation of developing country status will begin in 2026. We have to work harder for that. Inflation has increased due to war and sanctions against Russia in Ukraine. There are obstacles in every work. Necessary items are not available on time. There is great pressure on the economy. However, the economy of Bangladesh is more dynamic than many developed countries. The process of development is also continuing.

The head of government said, “It has been possible to maintain the momentum in the management of the country despite the economic pressure due to the efficiency of the secretaries.” The country will move forward by facing all kinds of disasters. And so that this country does not fall behind, the officers and employees of the republic must work with care.

The prime minister said, ‘This annual performance agreement is to ensure accountability. Taking this approach from the thought that the ministries should be in contact with me. You (Secretary) are working hard and getting the results.

She said, ‘We have geographical limitations. The population of the country is also very high. If you proceed with self-respect and self-esteem, you can achieve the impossible. Our goal is to build a developed Bangladesh by 2041. It is with that goal that we must move forward now.

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