The color of the sea is changing due to climate change

Sathia Kumar

The color of the sea is changing due to climate change

Over the past 20 years, oceans have been changing color over large parts of the world due to global warming. The color of the sea is gradually changing from blue to green.

The main reason for the blue color of the sea is the shadow of the sky. This is why the color of the ocean looks blue.

But a recent study has shown that despite the blue shade of the sky, a greenish hue is visible in the oceans of large parts of the world. That is, something is happening in the sea water, which is causing this change.

However, it is very difficult to understand the change in the color of the sea with the naked eye. United Kingdom-based scientists and researchers have confirmed this by analyzing pictures taken by the MODIS Aqua satellite at different times from 2002 to 2022. Their research report was also published on Wednesday.

Geographically, three parts of the earth is water and one part is land. In the published report, the researchers said that the rate of sea color change is relatively high in the areas of the monsoon climate region and the area that has changed the color of the sea in the last 20 years is larger than the land area of the earth.

The head of the research group B. B. “The color of the ocean has been changing little by little since 2002, and the speed at which this change is happening is closely related to the rate of global warming,” Kael told AFP.

AFPK B. B. Kael said, “The changing color of the sea means that there is a change in the life cycle or ecology.” Plankton is at the bottom of the food chain of marine animals. If the color of the water changes due to the growth of plankton, it has some positive aspects.’

But there is no chance to be too optimistic in this case. Because there are many marine animals – which are sensitive to temperature and will disappear forever if the global temperature rises.’

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