Students are losing interest in studying medicine with the new admission system

Abdur Rahman Khan

Students are losing interest in studying medicine with the new admission system

Private sector medical education is in crisis due to the introduction of new admission system in private medical colleges and dental examinations. It is known that out of 49,000 students who have passed the entrance exam, only 6,600 have expressed their interest in studying medicine. Due to the new admission system, 81 seats reserved for the poor and meritorious are now vacant. In other words, the free study seats are also vacant. The situation in dental is even worse, where only 500 applied for admission against 1,500 seats.

It should be noted that earlier the students who passed the entrance exam used to choose and get admission in the medical college of their choice. But this year, this opportunity was canceled and new automation system was introduced. This time first preference is kept in five private medical colleges for admission of students. Later this rule was also changed to list 60 private medical colleges for male students and 66 for female students. In the new process, the student is informed through SMS about getting admission in a particular medical college after applying. Because of this, many students did not get the institution of their choice. Because the cost varies from medical college, students choose the college according to their ability. Therefore, many students could not get admission even after passing the entrance exam as the cost of education in the college where the students have been given the opportunity is beyond the affordability of the student’s family.

Sanjida Akhtar, daughter of Muhammad Abu Sufian of Chittagong Halishahar, dreamed of becoming a doctor. But Sufian decided to teach his daughter in a private medical school in his area as he got a chance at the distant Patuakhali government medical school. But he came to know that this decision will no longer be useful due to the introduction of the new automation system for admission in the academic year 2022-23. The department will confirm through SMS where her daughter will study. A student from Kishoreganj, who got an opportunity to get admission in a private medical college in Dhaka, said that his choice was a private medical college in his district. But he has been selected for admission in a private medical school in Dhaka. But it is difficult for them to bear the expenses here. Because of this, he decided not to study medicine.

Reluctance to get admission due to not getting the desired medical college, even after getting admission again, most of the private medical colleges have not filled the seats due to changing the college through migration system. Some private medical colleges had to start classes by leaving several seats vacant. Even the poor and meritorious quota was not filled due to this new decision taken in haste.

Incidentally, the MBBS admission test for the academic year 2022-23 was held on March 10. The results were published on March 12. Classes in all government and private medical colleges have started on July 24. However, it has been found that seats are not filled in several private medical colleges. The admission process is not over. As the reason, the concerned people blame the short-sighted policy of BMDC and the introduction of automation system without taking the decision and preparation of DG Health.

Former president of Bangladesh Private Medical College Association Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain said that this is the first time in the last 25 years that 731 seats have not been filled as a result of the short-sighted and hastily imposed new automation system of BMDC. This new admission system has proved to be very wrong and anarchic. This year more than 300 medical students have gone abroad to study with the approval of BMDC. So much valuable foreign currency has gone out of the country.

Before the start of the classes, the department concerned said that the private medical colleges which have not yet admitted students to the designated seats, have taken several steps to admit students. All problems will be solved within one month. But even after a month has passed, the colleges have been instructed to start classes within the stipulated date without taking any action to resolve the crisis.

The president of Bangladesh Private Medical College Association, an organization of private medical college owners, MA Mubin Khan told the media that the automation process has created a crisis in admission to private medical colleges. Some college students are not getting it. Everyone is disappointed. BMDC and DG Health are entirely responsible for this.

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