Sri Lanka does not see the need to discuss the island with India

Abdur Rahman Khan

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri

Sri Lanka does not see the need for fresh talks with India on the disputed island issue. This is what Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri told the Rashtriya Hero television channel on Wednesday (April 3). British news agency Reuters reported this news.

Ali Sabri said, this island was discussed and resolved 50 years ago. No need to discuss this further.

Located in the Pak Strait between Sri Lanka and India, this small island divides the two countries. Both the countries have been making claims about this island. Finally, India withdrew its claim over the island in 1974. The island named Kachchathivu has an area of less than two square kilometers.

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party-BJP has made the island a campaign issue ahead of India’s Lok Sabha elections. BJP is campaigning that it was lost to India due to the indifference of the then ruling Congress party.

The BJP did not win any of the 39 seats in the southern coastal state of Tamil Nadu in India’s 545-seat parliament in the last election. This time, as a strategy to win the election, the Sri Lankan island is being issued to harass the opposition Congress, experts said.

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