Sonia Gandhi attacks Modi government on behalf of Gazans

Arafat Rahman

Sonia Gandhi

India abstained from voting on the recent UN resolution on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi strongly opposed it. He said that while his party unequivocally condemned the attacks by Hamas, the Israeli state was now focused on exacting revenge on a population that was largely helpless and innocent.

He added that his party’s long-standing position is to support direct negotiations with Israel for a sovereign, independent, sustainable and secure Palestinian state coexisting in peace.

In an article published in The Hindu newspaper, Sonia Gandhi also said that humanity is now facing trial. We are dismayed by Israel’s indiscriminate and brutal attacks. How many lives will Israel take?

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Yom Kippur. More than a thousand people were killed, 200 people were kidnapped. Then Israel started attacking Gaza. More than 8,000 people have died in Gaza due to Israeli brutality.

Earlier, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi criticized the Modi government’s abstention from voting on the Israel-Hamas issue at the United Nations. He said, thousands of Palestinian men, women and children are being killed. This position of India is practically against world peace.

Priyanka wrote on social media, “I am shocked, India abstained from voting in favor of resolution of ceasefire in Gaza.” Our country was founded on the principles of peace and truth.

He said that the constitution of the country is also based on this principle. According to him, India is driven by this policy on the international stage.

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