Social and economic role of women in festivals

Arshad Khan

A festive atmosphere is always present throughout our country.

A festive atmosphere is always present throughout our country. We are lively in various events including Eid, Puja, Baisakh, Spring, Winter. A large section of the country’s working women who are now entrepreneurs themselves play a major role socially, emotionally and economically in these festivals.

As a woman entrepreneur and a witness to women’s progress, I have noticed that our women now believe in the phrase ‘Family Development through Business Prosperity’.

Various organizations of entrepreneurs are working on economic liberation and supporting entrepreneurs. There is no alternative to creating more entrepreneurs in the country to build an inclusive sustainable economy through the participation of people from all walks of life.

Even in the moments of the festival, the organizations of women entrepreneurs are also working for the self-reliance of women at the marginal level in the district. Entrepreneurs are dynamic and active not only in cities but also in villages. Which is unprecedented.

As more women entrepreneurs are on the entrepreneurship platform, online shopping sites are easing the pain in the digital age. Social networking site Facebook is not far behind. By browsing on the computer, you can find your favorite clothes, jewelry or daily necessities at home.

On hearing about online shopping, many people think that they have to pay by credit card. But that problem has been solved now. Most of the online shops offer ‘cash on delivery’ service.

Not only that, online sites have brought ‘home on delivery’, ‘free delivery’ to deliver the product quickly. Many people think that it is difficult to find good quality products in these online shops.

Entrepreneurs of domestic products appeared to solve it, due to which the demand of young people is increasing towards online shops. Single households are more inclined to meet the needs of a hassle-free market in the short term.

Festivals are incomplete without new clothes. Not only clothing, there is also interest in buying electronic equipment from decorating the house during the festival. In view of the festival, there are various arrangements among the vendors.

Although online shopping has not yet become mainstream in Bangladesh, it is slowly gaining popularity. The rate of festive shopping on e-commerce websites is increasing every year.

The difference can be understood only by comparing the shopping volume of the previous year’s festivals with the shopping volume of the following year’s festivals. The volume of transactions has increased by one and a half to two times. The amount of money spent per transaction is also increasing.

E-commerce websites and big brand e-shops have therefore taken this festival very seriously. Women’s participation and role in these activities is also increasing.

I see this progress of women in three ways-

1. Women now play a major role in family self-reliance;

2. Women believe in their separate identity;

3. In the world of thought, women have been prioritized in festivals for ages, women entrepreneurs have done that especially now.

For three such thoughts, I asked women entrepreneurs involved in the venture. I wanted to know from them, how is the social and economic role of women in the festival? They all said almost at the same time, ‘Earlier I used to wait for the festival. I depended on Now I do everything by myself.

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