Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Students Benefit from Mitacs Partnership

Logan D Suza

Mitacs programs are helping post-secondary students in Saskatchewan launch their careers. As part of Saskatchewan’s ongoing commitment to research and innovation, the government will provide Mitacs with $1.15 million in 2023-2024 for research internships.

“Our administration is pleased to work with Mitacs to give instruction, examination and abilities preparing open doors to our understudies,” High level training Clergyman Gordon Wyant said. ” We are putting Saskatchewan businesses in a better position to attract and retain talent by providing our students with these one-of-a-kind opportunities. This helps to drive their innovation and growth.”

Internships for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral fellows that are focused on innovation are made possible through this partnership between the government, industry, and researchers. Students develop skills for high-quality jobs, expand their professional networks, and gain valuable industry experience through Mitacs.

Grace Gowera, a student at the University of Saskatchewan, stated, “My internship at Croptimistic Technologies Inc. provided me with a unique and valuable experience that facilitated my personal and professional growth.” Mitacs provided the resources I needed to successfully complete the internship process. I urge others to exploit these assets and utilize this experience to fabricate their organization, gain new bits of knowledge, and foster abilities and information that will assist them with prevailing in their future professions.”

Mitacs programs in Saskatchewan have received $6.61 million from the government of Saskatchewan since 2007, enabling over 2,400 internships for Saskatchewan students and postdoctoral fellows to be supported.

Tashmia Ismail, Mitacs’ Chief Business Development Officer, stated, “We thank the Government of Saskatchewan for its continued commitment to Mitacs.” We will be able to build on our strategic partnership and make a positive impact by accelerating innovation and making it accessible to our partners in the province with this new funding for the future. Mitacs can continue our efforts to find, cultivate, and keep the innovative talent Saskatchewan’s businesses require to succeed.”

Mitacs is a non-profit organization based in Canada that aims to promote innovation in the country through research and skill development for the country’s top students. It makes internship placements easier for Saskatchewan post-secondary students at Parkland College, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

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