Products that are popular even today from before India’s independence

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Products that are popular even today from before India’s independence

One of the campaigns in the Swadeshi movement in India’s freedom struggle was the use of indigenous products. Many businessmen of the time created new products to promote the Swadeshi movement, which are still popular in the market today. Domestic product manufacturing company was established then. Those products include creams, soaps, syrups and biscuits.

Even after 76 years of independence, those products are still available in the market. Not only this, even today these products are very popular.

One of those products is Borolin. The popular cream was marketed by Gaur Mohan Dutt, an Indian businessman before independence, to combat British products. Born in 1929, the cream Boroline is still popular 94 years later. On August 15, 1947, 1 lakh Borolins were distributed free of charge to celebrate India’s independence.

Rooh Afza
Sharbat Rooh Afza to get relief in summer. It was brought to the market in 1907 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majid. Ruh Afza is very popular since then. Rooh Afza, launched from Old Delhi, is still seen in homes today.

Sandal soap
Mysore Sandal Soap, is also an iconic brand. which came before independence. This soap looks like an egg. In 1916, a green and red colored box came into the market. King Krishna Raja Wadiar IV of Mysore established this soap factory in Bangalore.

Another popular product is Perle-G. Famous for its packaging with a picture of a little girl on the yellow packet, this biscuit has been a fond memory for generations over the years. Inspired by the Swadeshi movement in 1929, Mumbai-based businessman Mohanlal Dayal bought an old sweet factory and started making biscuits and baked goods. Keeping the budget of the common Indian in mind, he created Parle-G Biscuits.

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