Pro-Chinese Muizzu announces withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives

Patrick D Costa

Mohamed Muizzu has been elected as the new president of Maldives.

Mohamed Muizzu has been elected as the new president of Maldives. This candidate of the opposition People’s National Congress is pro-China. So there was a fear that he could target India if he sat in the parliament. That is true. After winning, Muizzu made it clear that he will remove the foreign troops from the country’s soil. Although he did not name anyone, it is clear that he is talking about New Delhi.

“All foreign troops will be removed from the Maldives in accordance with the law,” Muizzu was heard saying. And surely it will be done.” Along with that, he warned India without naming names, “The military forces do not want them to be sent back.” But the people of Maldives have made a decision.”

It should be noted that the position of Maldives is strategically very important in terms of shipping between East and West. New Delhi is determined to maintain influence here. Similarly, China also wants to increase its influence in these islands. In this situation, India is seeing a ‘crimson cloud’ after the defeat of the pro-Indian Mohammad Sali and the victory of the pro-Chinese Muizzu.

PM Modi has already congratulated Muizzu. The Prime Minister wrote on the X handle, “Congratulations to Mohammed Muizzu for becoming the President of Maldives.” India remains committed to strengthening bilateral relations with the Maldives and enhancing overall cooperation in the Indian Ocean region.

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