Pakistani man begging on plane in mid-air

Logan D Suza

the person on the plane is seen asking for financial help from everyone

Begging on the bus, train or sidewalk is very common. Although this scene is more or less visible, there has never been a case of begging or asking for financial help in mid-air. This time, a person from Pakistan surprised everyone by doing so. A video of begging on a plane has gone viral recently.

In the viral video, the person on the plane is seen asking for financial help from everyone. According to him, he is not a beggar, he wants donations to build a madrasa in Pakistan.

He told the passengers, ‘I am not a beggar, I only want donations. We are collecting funds to build a madrasa. If you want to donate, don’t come up to me. I will come to your seat.’

However, it is not known when the video was taken.

The man was trolled after the video went viral. One commented, ‘The Pakistani man has taken begging to another level. He understood well that the ideal place to get a lot of rich people together is on an airplane flight. So he booked a ticket and started begging in the middle of the flight.

Another wrote, ‘Begging should be declared the national sport of Pakistan.’

Others feel that there is nothing wrong with this, as Pakistan’s top leaders have also extended their hands to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for loans.

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