Pak girls are under the fire of the government for participating in beauty pageants

Sathia Kumar

The first ‘Miss Universe Pakistan’ was Erica Robin.

From religious leaders, organizations to caretaker government Prime Minister Anwarul Haque Kakar, everyone is criticizing the beauty pageant and Erica Robin’s participation in it. As a result, questions have arisen whether she will be able to participate in this year’s ‘Miss Universe’ pageant to be held in El Salvador next November.

Last Thursday (September 14) ‘Miss Universe Pakistan’ beauty pageant was held in Maldives. According to Geo News, the Miss Universe Pakistan pageant is organized by the Dubai-based organization Eugen Group. The organization also owns the Miss Universe Bahrain and Miss Universe Egypt franchises.

A total of 200 young women participated in that competition. In the final stage, the fight is between five people. 24-year-old Erica Robin beat 4 other contestants to win the title in the last stage. Her rivals in the competition were Hira Inam (24), Jessica Wilson (28), Maleka Alvi (19) and Sabrina Wasim (26).

After winning the crown, Erica Robin said, ‘I am honored and excited to be the first Miss Universe Pakistan. I want to highlight the beauty of Pakistan. Our country has a beautiful culture that media is not talking about; Pakistani people are very generous, kind and hospitable.’

But different circles of Pakistan have voiced their protest against Erika and also the organizers of the beauty pageant. Their question, who are the organizers of this event?

Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwarul Haque Kakar asked how the name of Pakistan was used without permission? According to her, the contest held in Maldives was “shameful and insulting to Pakistani girls”. He also ordered an investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, Information and Broadcasting Minister of Pakistan’s caretaker government, Murtaza Solangi, said that the government has not nominated anyone to be sent to the beauty pageant. Our government has not nominated any public or private person or institution for any such activity and no such person or institution can represent the state and government.

Questioning the journalists, he said, can anyone represent Pakistan without the permission of the government of Pakistan? Meanwhile, in an interview to Voice of America, Erica Robin said that she has a great responsibility to represent Pakistan on the world stage. But he will not do anything that tarnishes the reputation of the country.

Erica Robin was born in 1999 in a Christian family in Karachi, Pakistan. She did her primary education at St. Patrick’s Girls High School. Later, he completed his studies in Commerce and Business Administration from Chandigarh Government College, Pakistan. Erica started her career as a professional model in January 2020.

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