Modi wants BJP to win all seats in West Bengal

Taslima Jamal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started campaigning in West Bengal before the election.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started campaigning in West Bengal before the election. After the twin meetings on Friday and Saturday, he will come to the state again on Wednesday to campaign. Modi held a meeting at Arambagh in Hooghly on Friday. There he strongly attacked the Trinamool Congress. That noise became stronger in Saturday’s public meeting.

The Prime Minister of India was at the Raj Bhavan after Friday’s program. And in the morning he reached Krishnanagar in Nadia by helicopter. First, Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of the 15,000-crore project. Then the top BJP leader joined the party rally on another stage in the nearby ground.

Women voters in West Bengal have overwhelmingly supported the Trinamool in successive elections. This time Prime Minister Modi wants to give a message to women. The latest developments in Sandeshkhali are taking place in his speech.

Modi said, Trinamool won the vote here by raising slogans of mother, soil, people. But Sandeshkhali’s sisters are doing Katar Aarti. The Trinamool government did not listen to them. Here, not the police, the criminals decide when they can be arrested. The state government did not want to catch the criminal of Sandeshkhali. But the women of Bengal stood in the form of Durga.

Addressing the women voters, he said that the women’s helpline has been launched in the entire country. But Trinamool government does not give importance to it. The central government is giving cheap gas to 10 crore women. 13 lakh applications have come in Bengal too. However, they did not form Ujjwala Committee in each district. They want, who will get cheap gas, it will be decided by the grassroots.

In fact, this time the BJP is targeting women’s votes. Debashis Dasgupta, a senior journalist, said in that context, the voting of four states was done a few days ago. Wherever the BJP has come to power, it has won a large number of women votes. They have launched many women development projects. So BJP’s target is women vote in West Bengal too. Meanwhile Arambagh and Krishnanagar in West Bengal; It has been observed that in the two places where Modi’s public meetings have been held, there is a large presence of women.

Modi attacked West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress on various issues. Corruption is the most important among them. He said, this Trinamool government turns every scheme into a scam. But Modi’s guarantee will give free ration for the next five years. Trinamool puts their own sticker on it too. They do not hesitate to steal rations.

Modi identified Mamata Banerjee’s party as an obstacle to the development of West Bengal. He said, development is not happening in Bengal for Trinamool. TMC stands for betrayal, corruption, nepotism. Trinamool goes to keep the people of Bengal poor.

Modi will come to West Bengal again on Wednesday March 6. On that day, his public meeting in Barasat, North Twenty-four Parganas. Debashis Dasgupta said that the BJP is eyeing the 2026 assembly elections. This time if they get two more seats then the party can be kept energized. That is why West Bengal is getting so much importance. The Prime Minister has started campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections from this state.

With Trinamool accused of maladministration, the BJP is trying to use development as a propaganda tool. The Prime Minister inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of a bunch of government projects on Friday and Saturday.

He said, we have taken another step to make West Bengal a developed state. Today there was an opportunity to inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of the project worth about 15 thousand crore rupees. Employment opportunities will increase for the youth through these projects.

Besides criticizing the Trinamool, the BJP is highlighting the work of development. The BJP has called for the next 100 days to spread that message in the villages of the state. Amit Shah, one of the party’s top leaders and India’s Home Minister, had set a target of winning 35 of West Bengal’s 42 seats. In Krishnanagar, Modi said he wants party candidates to win all 42 constituencies.

After the public meeting, Modi held a 20-minute meeting with BJP state president Sukant Majumdar and opposition leader Subvendu Adhikari. Sukanth said, they informed the Prime Minister about the current situation in West Bengal.

Trinamool spokesperson Shantanu Sen said that BJP leaders have repeatedly visited the state ahead of the 2021 assembly elections. Everyone knows the result. This time also there will be no profit by doing daily passenger. Not only West Bengal, the people of the country will reject BJP.

CPM central committee member Sujan Chakraborty said that the prime minister is talking about corruption. But in the case of Raghabboals involved in corruption, the central agency is sitting on its hands. It is clear that Trinamool and BJP are protecting each other’s interests.

According to political analyst Shubmoy Maitra, if the BJP thinks that the Trinamool is less of an enemy than the CPM or the Congress in West Bengal, then how many seats the BJP will get, and how many seats the Trinamool can get. Because the grass roots are not their biggest enemy. Standing at this place, if Modi thinks how many seats BJP and Trinamool will get, 42 seats is not impossible.

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