Minister lost his post for making false comments about Palestine

Abdur Rahman Khan

Canadian Minister Selina Robinson

Selina Robinson, Minister of Education of the provincial government of Canada’s western province of British Columbia, has lost her position for making controversial and false comments about Palestine. He submitted his resignation on Monday.

At an event last week, Selina said that modern Israel was founded on very bad territory. His comments caused widespread anger among the pro-Palestinians in Canada, and they began to express it in various ways.

British Columbia Chief Minister David Eby said in a statement on Sunday, “I had a meeting with Selina Robinson. He has admitted that his comments were wrong and he regrets them.

Selina, who is Jewish herself, submitted her resignation the next day. However, it is said that even after leaving the ministry, his membership in the provincial legislature will remain.

In 1948, the state of Israel was formed by occupying a large part of the Palestinian territory. In the sixties of the last century, two independent states, Israel and Palestine, signed an agreement on that territory. The boundaries of the two states were also determined; But in practice, Israel did not respect any of the agreements or borders.

On October 7, Hamas, the Palestinian group that controls the Gaza Strip, launched an ambush on Israel’s Erez border. 1,200 Palestinians and foreigners were killed in Israel in that attack. Along with that, 240 Israelis and foreign citizens were taken hostage by Hamas.

In response, the Israeli forces started an operation in Gaza from that day. The death toll in that campaign has already exceeded 27,000.

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