Millionaires are leaving India!

Syed Azam

India is claimed to be the fastest growing economy in the world.

India is claimed to be the fastest growing economy in the world. But the millionaires are eager to ‘escape’ from that rapidly advancing India. Such a sensational report has come to light recently. Where it is seen that 4 thousand 300 millionaires have left India and taken citizenship of other countries so far this year.

Not only this, the report also says that most of the millionaires leaving India are choosing the UAE as their preferred destination.

A report has recently been published by International Investments from Henley & Partners. It is seen there that China and Britain are on the top of the list of rich people who have taken refuge in other countries. After that, the name of India came up in the third place in the list.

The report clearly states that every year the number of businessmen and millionaires leaving India for foreign countries is increasing. Last year i.e. in 2023 this number was 5 thousand 100. In just 6 months this year, the number has reached 4 thousand 300 people. As a result, the number will increase in the next 6 months.

But why are the rich taking citizenship of other countries showing reluctance to their own country India? Several reasons are emerging in this context. Among which, the business policy of the country is noteworthy. Political circles claim that the Modi government is giving extra benefits to a handful of classes in the business sector. Due to which some less prestigious businessmen have to face problems. Not being able to make much profit on the ground of the country, most of the businessmen are leaning towards foreign countries.

Apart from this, experts are claiming that the number of people leaving the country has increased despite the allegations that the atmosphere of religious division and hatred has become extreme during the BJP. The way thousands of millionaires are leaving India and taking citizenship of other countries is a matter of concern, experts say.

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