Metrolinx CEO tenure extended

Arafat Rahman

Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster

Metrolinx CEO Phil Varster’s tenure extended by province. The news of the extension comes just days after Verstar held a press conference during the opening of Eglinton Crosstown, another extension.

Verster told reporters on Sept. 27 that Metrolinx is unable to provide a reliable new timeline for when the project will be completed after the previous deadline for the opening of the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT fell through. He admitted that new problems are being caught on the line every week.

Construction on the project began in the summer of 2011 and was scheduled to open in 2020. After missing that deadline, officials indicated that the project would be completed in 2022. However, the construction consortium Crosslinks Transit Solutions (CTS) failed to complete the project within that deadline.

In a question and answer session at Queen’s Park, Parkdale-High Park NDP MPP Bhutila Karpoch wants to know why Verster is still in charge? He said not only did Verster take a year to explain the delay, but he also got a big raise and the support of 59 vice presidents. All of them failed to hold the P3 contractor accountable.

In response, Ontario Transport Minister Prambit Singh Sarkaria said, I know the project that people want. That is why the CEO of Metrolinx is here and will continue to provide updates on the project so that the public is informed. It is a very complex project. But we want to deliver the largest transit expansion plan in the province’s history to the people of Toronto and the province.

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow has repeatedly called the project’s delays unacceptable.

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