Last February broke all previous records for global warming

Arshad Khan

February 2024 was the warmest February on record since recorded history began.

February 2024 was the warmest February on record since recorded history began. The Climate Change Service of Copernicus (CCSC), an organ of the European Union (EU) alliance of European countries, said this information in a statement on Thursday.

The layer of air closest to the earth’s surface is called the troposphere or troposphere. This layer is up to 15 km above the surface.

According to the CCSC statement, the average temperature of the troposphere during the month of February was 13.54 Celsius. There is no previous February record of such temperatures in the troposphere.

In a statement, the CCSC said, every year from 1991 to 2020, the temperature of the troposphere increased slightly, and the total temperature increase over 30 years was 81.81 degrees Celsius.

According to the records of the Climate Change Service of Copernicus, the previous warmest February was in 2016. However, this year’s February temperature was 11.12 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature recorded in the troposphere that year.

The world has seen eight consecutive months of record warmth before February, European Union climatologists said. It increased to 9 months by February.

Carlo Buontempo, director of the CCST, told Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency that Europe’s average temperature in February was 3.3 degrees Celsius warmer than in February 2024.

In addition to Europe, people in Siberia, the central and northwestern United States, most of South America, Africa, and Western Australia also experienced record temperatures in February.

The temperature of the sea surface has also increased along with the land surface. The average temperature of the troposphere of the oceans last February was 21 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the sea has never been seen before in any month.

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