Indian girl holds Guinness record for singing in 140 languages

Arafat Rahman

Sucheta Satish

A young woman from India has set a new record by singing in 140 languages. That girl’s name is Sucheta Satish. He is a resident of the southern state of Kerala, India. He sang in 140 languages in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in November last year.

And he has set a Guinness World Record by showing his singing talent. Indian media NDTV reported this information in a report on Sunday (January 7).

According to the report, Sucheta Satish sang in 140 languages in Dubai on November 24 last year. He also shared the video of that song on social media platform Instagram.

Basically, the young girl made this new Guinness record by singing in different languages of all the countries that joined the climate conference last year in Dubai.

After receiving the certificate of this record from Guinness, Sucheta wrote on her Instagram account, “I have made a new record with the blessings of the Creator. On November 24, 2023, I set a record for singing in 140 languages in 9 hours. I sang this song at the climate conference. Thank you for your wishes and support.’

It should be noted that the COP-28 conference was organized in Dubai last year. 140 countries of the world including India participated in that conference. Sucheta sang with the message of environmental awareness in that conference. And there he set a rare example of singing in the most languages of the world.

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