Inauguration of Police Week, 400 people were given medals by the Prime Minister

Arshad Khan

Prime Minister inaugurated Police Week

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the ‘Police Week-2024’ on Tuesday morning with the annual police parade at Rajarbagh Police Lines Ground under the theme ‘Smart Police, Smart Country, Peaceful Bangladesh’.

The Prime Minister awarded Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) and President’s Police Medal (PPM) to the maximum number of 400 policemen this time in recognition of bravery and heroic deeds.

The Prime Minister wears the medal starting from 11 am till 11.18 am. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presented the posthumous Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) to the family members of the nine who sacrificed their lives.

35 policemen awarded ‘Bangladesh Police Padak (BPM)’, 60 ‘President’s Police Medal (PPM)’ in recognition of immense bravery and heroic work and commendable contribution through solving important cases, crime control, efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity and disciplined conduct. 95 policemen were awarded ‘Bangladesh Police Padak (BPM)-Service’ and 210 were awarded ‘President’s Police Medal (PPM)-Service’.

The award is given annually in four categories – BPM Gallantry and Service and PPM Gallantry and Service. BPM-PPM title is added to the end of the name of those who are awarded this rank.

Meanwhile, in 2022, 115 policemen were awarded the Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) and the President’s Police Medal (PPM) in recognition of their bravery and heroic deeds. 230 policemen were given in 2020 and 2021.

118 people received Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) and President Police Medal (PPM) in 2020. In 2019, 349 policemen were awarded BPM-PPM medals.

Earlier, 182 officers in 2018, 132 in 2017, 122 in 2016, 86 in 2015 received BPM-PPM medals respectively.

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