How NASA is helping ISRO to make the lunar mission a success

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How NASA is helping ISRO to make the lunar mission a success

India’s spacecraft ‘Chandrayaan-3’ will land on the south pole of the moon on Wednesday evening. Chandrayaan 3’s lander Vikram will touch the lunar surface at 6:04 PM Indian time (6:34 PM Bangladesh time).

If the mission is successful, the Indian space research organization ISRO will have a new feather in its crown. A new history will be created.

Scientists say that if Chandrayaan-3 is successful, unknown aspects of space science will come to the fore. However, some foreign organizations are also cooperating in this campaign of India.

NASA is helping ISRO in lunar mission

The US space agency NASA is among the various foreign organizations helping India’s lunar mission. NASA has helped India’s space agency ISRO in many ways since its inception. Special assistance is being sought from NASA’s DSN complex in California. Because it is on the other side of the world. In such a situation when the moon is not visible from the Indian space station, data will be collected from NASA’s DSN complex and passed on to ISRO. NASA has also played an important role in testing the health of the spacecraft. ISRO has to take help of NASA in space network.

The European Space Agency is also helping

In addition to NASA, the European Space Agency or ESA helped in this mission. The trajectory of the spacecraft is reportedly being monitored from the ESA network. ESA scans the spacecraft’s telemetry and sends the data to the Mission Operations Center in Bangalore. From Bangalore the message goes to the satellite. ESA’s ground stations also have a big role to play. ESA also has a special system for communicating with the lander module.

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