Home Run for United Way

Patrick D Costa

Over $3,000 was raised from the inaugural First Responders Slo Pitch tournament at the CAA Centre in Brampton.

More than $3,000 was raised from the debut Specialists on call Slo Pitch competition at the CAA Center in Brampton.

Continues from the occasion went to Joined Way More prominent Toronto.

Director Greg Watts is the TPS Joined Way More noteworthy Toronto Mission Seat.

“The cash will support significant work through the Assembled Way organizations,” said the Local area and Associations Commitment Unit Authority. ” It’s essential to help Joined Way just due to their arrive at inside our areas. The offices length across the city and devote themselves to having an effect and to aiding individuals.

We demand a lot of our first responders. This is a chance for our Responders to help when they are not wearing a uniform, to help when they are not on a call. They emerge and they do as such in large numbers and to that end I am so pleased.”

A sum of 12 groups contended in the cooperative competition.

“This was not a very serious competition and we lived it up,” said Sergeant Greg Falconer, of 12 Division. ” By the day’s end, the cash is going to a genuine motivation.”

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